Learn to dance during your vacation in Italy

Learn to dance in your holidays! Experienced dance teachers will introduce you to the secrets of "Tango Argentino" and "Salsa".

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Tango under the Tuscan Sun

Tango lessons in Italy, Villa La Rogaia
Tango lessons in Italy, Villa La Rogaia

Argentine Tango is the original and natural style of tango, which spread all over the world from Buenos Aires since the end of the 19th Century.The roots of tango are along the Rio de la Plata in Argentina and Uruguay.

Today Tango is an epitome of style, elegance and grace, and takes the position of particularly dramatic or romantic scenes in many movies.

Since 2009 the tango is added to the cultural heritage of humanity (UNESCO).

In La Rogaia you will learn Argentine Tango with experienced teachers. The courses are tailored to different levels of experience, so everyone - from beginners to advanced level - will find his or her perfect tango holiday in Umbria, Italy.


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