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Open-Air-Milonga in Todi
Open-Air-Milonga in Todi


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Tango Holidays 2019

September 14 to 21, 2019: Tango Holiday and Relax with Brigitta Winkler


Tangoclass for advanced level

Tango dancing and relaxation - the mix of bodywork and tango lessons make this course an unforgettable experience.

Tango lessons in an international group of passionate dancers, convivial dinners on the large terrace, milongas every evening.

Discount EUR 200 per person and week (only for couples)

Rate: Late deal offer EUR 795 instead of EUR 995 pper person and week in double room
Availability: 2 couples
Level: Advanced

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September 21 to 28, 2019: Tango Holiday with Angela Sallat & Andreas Küttner


Tangoclass for intermediate level


"Tango touches you inside. It challenges you to meet yourself, uncompromisingly and directly."

Intensive tango lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. Stylish lodging in the country house Villa La Rogaia. Umbrian specialties cuisine and dancing every night.

35% off regular price

Rate: Late deal offer EUR 730 instead of EUR 1195 pper person and week in single room
Availability: 1 single lady/ follower
Level: Intermediate

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September 28 to October 5, 2019: Private tango lessons for beginners and improvers with Wolfgang & Annette

For all those who like to get a taste of tango during their vacation or want to deepen their knowledge of tango individually, we offer private tango lessons.

Intensive dance lessons and beautiful surroundings:

Spend your holidays at the little paradise "La Rogaia"


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October 5 to 12, 2019: Tango Holiday "Play with Tango" with Wolfgang & Annette


Tangoclass for intermediate level

"Work less, dance better". Just tune into the music, feel your partner and respect the other dance couples.

Intensive dance lessons, relax in the unspoilt countryside of Umbria, delicious home made food by Mamma Ornella.

Rate: EUR 945 pper person and week in double room
Availability: 2 couples
Level: Intermediate

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Tango Holidays in Italy - Your benefits at a glance

Dolce Vita at Villa La Rogaia. Foto: A. Sallat
Dolce Vita at Villa La Rogaia. Foto: A. Sallat
  • Learn Tango Argentino, without everyday life getting in the way!

  • Tango Course on holiday - Finally enough time to relax and to improve your tango knowledge significantly or to make your first tango steps without distractions!

  • Tango Argentino and Italian Dolce Vita, in a relaxed, familiar atmosphere with delicious Italian food!

  • Tango workshops with internationally renowned Tango teachers who really help you and make sure that you cut a good figure on every dance floor!

  • Fulfill your dream of a dance journey to a heavenly patch of earth!

No matter whether you are already an accomplished dancer or whether you are looking for a tango beginners workshop, at Villa La Rogaia you will find a workshop which is right for your dance level.

Choose your Tango vacation with Tango Argentino classes and Italian Dolce Vita? Come to La Rogaia and learn how to dance under the stars on our terrace overlooking the rolling hills of Umbria. An extraordinary experience you will never forget!

If you have already chosen your preferred tango course and want to book CLICK HERE!

Our Tip: Why not give a Tango course at Villa La Rogaia as a present? We will design a personalized gift voucher for you.

La Rogaia Tango Calendar 2019

Click on the title of the course in the calendar.

You will see the prices for the course and a link to the detailed description of the course: "Discover more about this course".

The page with the detailed description will open up if you click on this link.

Childcare upon request Booking possible
Trainer: Angela & Andreas
Price double room: 1) 995
Price single room: 1) Last Minute 760 instead of 1.195
Hint: Looking for a single lady!

Discover more about this course

Trainer: Wolfgang Sandt
Price double room: 1) 80 per lesson (1.5 hours) plus rental of a holiday apartment pro Tag)
Price single room: 1) 80 per lesson (1.5 hours) plus rental of a holiday apartment pro Tag)

Discover more about this course

Childcare upon request Booking possible
Trainer: Wolfgang Sandt
Price double room: 1) 945
Price single room: 1) 1145
Hint: Only 2 more availabilities for couples

Discover more about this course

Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz at La Rogaia 2013
Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz at La Rogaia 2013


Above mentioned prices include:

  • Instruction fee for the classes for 1 person. The number of hours of teaching (15 hours) is specified in the description of each single class further down on this page.
  • Lodging for 1 week for 1 person in double room or single room (shared bathroom for 3 to 4 persons)
  • Half board (two meals - by catering service or in restaurants - including all beverages) for 1 week for 1 person.

Not included in the price are:

  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 2 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette): "La Mimosa" EUR 60 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 120 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 150 per person per week (double occupancy)
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 1 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette):"La Mimosa" EUR 300 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 400 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 500 per person per week (single occupancy)
  • Travel arrangement to and from La Rogaia. A detailled map and description how to get to La Rogaia and futher information about trains and flights you can find here
  • Extra meals, extra beverages, tips
  • Entrance fees to Milongas

Please contact us if you need further information about instruction, lodging and food.

La Rogaia dance holidays in the press:

Lucky beginners: Dance holidays in Umbria – an article on how to do the first steps in Argentine Tango during a holiday workshop – Travel-quest Specialist Holidays

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We help you to choose the right class!

Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen
Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen

Each year we light a firework of sparkling courses, with new and well tried top class teachers from all over the world. Celebrate with us! You'll definitely find the right course for you here!

Contact us for more information in order to find out which teachers meet best your particular needs. We know most of our teachers personally and for many years. We know there styles and teaching methods and will give you our advice accordingly. In order to find out which class is best for you please also read the description of levels at the bottom of this page.

Your benefits

Milonga in the Palazzo Duca della Corgna at Città della Pieve
Milonga in the Palazzo Duca della Corgna at Città della Pieve


  • Intensive learning: You will profit from individual teaching. Our classes are limited to 9 participating couples. There is enough space to practice and of course dancing every night.
  • Our dance instructors work on your body language, to enhance the quality of movement and your feeling of balance and grace. Classes will be held for approximately three hours per day (15 hours on 5 days ), allowing for plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings of the villa and to go for trips to the nearby lake or towns.
  • And if your feet or your back hurt: we offer wellness massages and beauty treatment.
  • There will be a dancing at Villa La Rogaia every night or we will visit Milongas in the vicinity where new faces are always welcome.
Relaxation and fun
Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova Perugia 2016
Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova at Perugia 2016
  • Come to Italy for a combination of  Dance, Arts, Culture, Food, Wine and more...
  • Spend a relaxing week at Villa La Rogaia, an old country house with a large garden. It is situated in the hills above Lake Trasimeno between Rome and Florence. Participants stay in individually crafted double or single rooms (shared bathroom for two bedrooms) or in holiday apartments (for two persons), partly at the village of Castel Rigone at 4 km distance from La Rogaia.
  • Get inspired by Italy's wealth of culture and history: visit historical towns like Arezzo, Assisi, Perugia and many others.
Yvonne Meissner & Eduardo Aguirre 2001
Yvonne Meissner & Eduardo Aguirre 2001

"Despedida" - Farewell Party

At the end of each tango week we organize a little festa or take you to a Milonga in the vicinity. In this occasion we also invite our Tango friends from Perugia and surroundings.

By the way: If you would like to know about our guests’ experiences at La Rogaia please visit our guestbook and read a story about a Tango holiday at La Rogaia.

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Tango Holidays with children

For tango dancers with children we offer tango courses with childcare during the class hours. This means you do not have to "park" your children at home or renounce on a Tango holiday.

You can spend a family holiday all together, with lots of fun for everyone.

The childcare can be booked on request for all Tango courses (not included in the basic price).

How to find the right Tango class

Looking for a Tango course you may ask yourself which is the right level for you. You certainly don´t want it to be boring, i.e. not learning anything new, or even worse a class on a level which is so overwhelming you become totally frustrated.
Actually for many dancers it´s not so easy to estimate their own level of dancing. Especially in Argentine Tango it is not so important how many different sequences of steps you have memorized. Important is the quality of the movement. A classification by memorized sequences of steps (which you can dance more or less well) like in ballroom dancing, is difficult and according to our opinion not even desirable in Argentine Tango.
Here we want to give you a little help to estimate your level of Tango dancing. Thus you can choose those Tango classes at La Rogaia which give you the best learning experience and of course the most fun.

That’s an easy one. You never have been dancing Tango before? Everything clear, isn´t it? -
By the way this applies also if you already have been dancing Ballroom Tango. Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango are completely different dances. Thus you should consider yourself a complete beginner in Argentine Tango if you have exclusively experience in Ballroom Tango.

You  already have some knowledge about walking to the rhythm of the music. Right posture, a feeling for your own axis and the contact with your partner in open and close embrace is not completely unknown to you. You have about six months to one year of dancing experience.

Intermediate level is right for you if you know the basic concepts for improvers. Additionally you should have a minimum knowledge of the following elements: The cross of the lady, Ochos, Molineta, walking in parallel system and cross system. That doesn´t mean you have to be able to master all this perfectly… It shouldn´t be complete news for you that Tango has to do with music and that you can and should move in harmony with the other couples on the dance floor. For most people it takes about one and a half or two years to learn this.

You should be able to dance well everything described above. Additionally you should be able to dance Milonga and Vals. Ocho Cortado, Barrida, Saccada, Gancho and Corte for you shouldn´t be foreign language anymore. The following you should have in your repertoire already: Walking elegantly to the music, playing whith rhythm and pause, navigating on the dance floor without provoking collisions…
Normally you need at least three or four years of dancing experience for this. If you have a professional dance education, possess a good body awareness and if dancing is part of your daily routine, it may take less time to become an advanced level Tango dancer.

Master Class 
Requirement for this is everything mentioned above. Additionally you should be able to dance Boleos, Lapiz/ Enrosques, Volcadas, Colgadas, more demanding Ganchos and Sacadas. You should be aware of the different rhythmical structures in Argentine Tango. Normally this takes at least five years of dancing experience.
Normally this takes at least five years of dancing experience.

One important point: What do we mean with „Dancing experience“ ?
To say it very clearly, you don´t get dancing experience if you enjoy yourself going to a Tango ball merely three or four times a year (Not even if you do this for ten years or longer). You get dancing experience when you attend regularly (at least once a week) a Practica or a Milonga and dance there intensely.
Many movements in Tango you learn only if you practice them repeatedly for a longer time. “To practice” in Argentine Tango in first line means to practice under “real life conditions” on the dance floor.
To learn a certain movement or a “figure” in a Tango lesson is only the very first step and thus will be quickly forgotten if you don´t practice regularly in a Milonga. Yet if you do put in some effort you will be richly rewarded by Argentine Tango…

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Tango lessons at La Rogaia. The things we value

Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi: Foto: L. Milleri
Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi: Foto: L. Milleri

A few of the students who participated at our tango lessons at La Rogaia, some of them making their first tango steps here, became tango teachers, running their own tangoschools.

A few of them even became professional dancers, dancing in tango shows. We admit gladly, that we´re happy and even a little proud about this.

But we know well that most of the participants of our tango lessons do not intend to make a living as tango dancers performing on stage every evening. Most of you simply want to have fun dancing tango as a nice hobby (Okay, maybe a little more than a hobby:-).


Michael Lavocah & Siobhan Richards at La Rogaia 2013
Michael Lavocah & Siobhan Richards at La Rogaia 2013
Working on the basics

Therefore we place particular value on offering courses where you learn everything you need to move beautifully, relaxed and safe on the dance floor together with all the other dancers.

This applies specially for the classes for beginners, improvers and the classes to refresh the basics of the dance.

But also at the intermediate classes we place value on choosing tango teachers who don´t bombard you with tons of figures and sequences of steps, you will never have a chance to dance in the reality of a busy dance floor, and will therefore forget as fast as you have learnt them.
Instead we try to offer you tango teachers who place value on the basics of dancing tango, the quality of the movement, musicality and safe dancing in the round of all the dancers on the dance floor – and who have the ability to impart this to you.

At the classes for advanced dancers we assume that participants are able to master all this (though experience shows that it is always good to refresh the basics). Therefore the advanced and master classes focus much stronger on extending the participants' repertoire beyond what you need normally on the dance floor. This might be help for choreographies as well as giving valuable impulses and suggestions for tango teachers who want to improve their own teaching.


Filippo Avignonesi & Candela Ramos
Filippo Avignonesi & Candela Ramos
Small groups

One thing we attach great importance to, and this is another of the advantages of the tango classes at La Rogaia: The small groups (An opinion that is shared and appreciated by the participants of our tango holidays).

We restrict the number of participants consequently to a maximum of 9 couples.

We want you to profit from the tango classes at La Rogaia more than anywhere else. And we are profoundly convinced that for a teacher it is impossible to care for each participant individually in a larger group.

Time and personal care

Last but not least we try to invite teachers who are enjoying to stay in touch with you even when there are no classes.

A tango workshop, beyond learning steps, always is a personal encounter with the tango teacher you have chosen. You will learn or consolidate many things outside the classes at the “practicas” or simply chatting with your tango teacher at the dinner table.

Many questions will come to your mind only after the class has finished. Often the answers to these questions are to be found between the lines. Sometimes a little hint is sufficient to understand.

Queries for a better understanding, practical corrections of the things you have learned or questions about the personal careers of your tango teachers can help you to develop your own style.

It is a big advantage if the tango teacher is available for these questions and is willing and enjoying to talk with you.

In the relaxing atmosphere of an intensive tango week, which means relaxing for participants and teachers, this is very likely to happen.

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Frequently asked questions about our tango courses

When is the day of arrival to the course, when is the day of departure?

Our courses usually take place one week, from Saturday to Saturday.

This means that the arrival to a course is possible on the first Saturday of the course from 4.30 pm.

On the following Saturday, the last day of the course, you should vacate your accommodation at 11.00 am.


When does the course begin or end?

The course program starts on the day of arrival (Saturday) with dinner at 8.00 pm.

The course program ends on the day of departure (Saturday) after breakfast at 10.00 am.

The first lesson usually takes place on the Sunday after the arrival day, after breakfast (breakfast from 9:00 am to 10:00 am) at 10:30 am.

The last lesson usually takes place on Friday before the departure day (Saturday) at 6.00 pm.


Should, in rare cases, the beginning or the end of the course deviate from this, because, for example, teachers do arrive later, or have to leave earlier, this is expressly announced in the course description on our website.


What are the exact times of the lessons?

Normally, one lesson of 1 ½ hours takes place twice a day.

1 ½ hours of lessons at 10.30 am, after breakfast and 1 ½ hours at 6.00 pm before dinner.

One day of the week, usually on Wednesday, no course takes place. This day is free for the students. Of course, on the day off we also offer breakfast and dinner.

Sometimes the groups change the times of the courses a bit, for example two hours after breakfast, and only one hour before dinner. However, at the beginning of the course, these changes are discussed individually in the respective group and jointly decided by course participants and course instructors.


In each course, however, regardless of the distribution of the lessons, there is a mandatory 15 hours of lessons.

La Rogaia supports "Doctors without borders"

Also this year we could donate a larger sum* to "Doctors without borders" which we had collected in our Christmas 2017 fund raising campaign. Until January 31, 2019 we have transferred 5 % out of every booking amount to "Doctors without borders".

Thank you to all of you who have supported "Doctors without borders" by booking a holiday at La Rogaia.

*Donations by La Rogaia
2012: EUR 1.122
2013: EUR 1.500
2014: EUR 1.800
2015: EUR 1.510
2016: EUR 1.600
2017: EUR 1.300
2018: EUR 2.370

*Please see the receipts for our donations in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017