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Ornella is collecting "Erba"
Ornella is collecting "erba"

Spring recipes from Umbria

For some delicious spring dishes our cook Ornella does not go to the supermarket to get the ingredients. No, she grabs a wicker basket and goes to the green meadows around La Rogaia. There she gathers with enthusiasm "erba". I beg your pardon? That is the Italian word for grass! Shall we eat grass? "Ma certo!" Ornella replies with a laugh. And a few hours later, when we sit at the table and eat, we understand why it pays to "eat grass in Umbria".

Spring offer for cooking classes:
Book by March 31, 2019 and save EUR 100!

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Almond blossom at La Rogaia 2019

Spring at Villa La Rogaia

The spring sun has awakened our garden from its winter slumber. There are now splashes of color everywhere.

If you are longing for the sun, use now our spring offers for your next holidays:

Up to 30% off regular price for all apartment bookings for May, July and August 2019

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Healthy food in spring: Artichokes

Power packages against spring tiredness

A few days ago, Ornella came in by in surprise. And since it was lunchtime, we decided to cook together. She got out of her car a big basket of artichokes that she had just bought at the market. "Little power packages," she said. Then we went to the preparation and a little later we had two simple, delicious dishes on the table, which we want to share with you.

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If life gives you lemons make Limoncello !

Now is the time of citrus fruits and as every year we have just received two large boxes of organic lemons from Apulia.
We are happy to tell you what we do with them ...

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Palazzo Baldeschi Perugia Sala dei Quattro Elementi
Palazzo Baldeschi Perugia Sala dei Quattro Elementi. Photo:

Museums in Perugia: Palazzo Baldeschi

Perugia is home of some of the most interesting museums and art collections in Italy. In the coming weeks we will take you on a tour to some of these outstanding places to visit in Perugia. We will introduce you not only to the main sights but also to some hidden treasures. The first stop on our virtual city tour is the "Palazzo Baldeschi", presented to you by our daughter Aurora.

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Torta di pasta sfoglia al radicchio
Torta di pasta sfoglia al radicchio

Radicchio - a delicious winter vegetable

Radicchio is mostly known as salad or as a plate decoration only. The slightly bitter taste is not for everyone. But radicchio is delicious also cooked or grilled. Here is a recipe for a "Torta al radicchio" by Mamma Ornella

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Easter-Tango at Villa La Rogaia

Dancing into the spring on a tango holiday in Umbria.

From April 20 to 27, 2019 we open the tango season 2019 at La Rogaia with the teachers Daniela Feilcke-Wolff and Raimund Schlie from Berlin.

"Tango is embrace in motion, we connect with our partner, the music, the other dancers and the space."

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Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova
Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova

How to become a Tango god or Tango goddess

In order to dance Argentine tango well you do not need to memorize many steps.
Rather, tango is a matter of inner and outer attitude.

Filippo Avignonesi and Anna Yegorova will tell you what this is all about - here in our blog and during their next Tango course at La Rogaia September 7 to 14, 2019

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Olive tree in Umbria
Olivetree in Umbria

Olive oil, the liquid gold of Umbria

We just have finished the olive harvest 2018 at La Rogaia.

This year the harvest was very satisfying, after several years with high losses.

Together with guests and friends from Germany and England, we picked the precious olives from the trees for almost four weeks and had them pressed into the "liquid gold" of Umbria.

Read more about our olive harvest and facts about olive oil ...

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Festa dei Barbari, Castel Rigone
Festa dei Barbari, Castel Rigone

Historical festivals at Lake Trasimeno

Every town and village in Italy has its own festival, which often goes back to centuries-old traditions. While at the famous "Palio di Siena" horse and rider are racing around the Campo, in Passignano sul Trasimeno young men are rowing in old-style wooden boats at the "Palio delle Barche".
And in our village of Castel Rigone, the "barbarians" go wild ...

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