Deeply relaxed while dancing tango


When we came to Umbria in 1998 - to our great surprise and disappointment - Tango Argentino was still largely unknown and there was no way outside of La Rogaia to indulge in our passion for tango.

So we decided to teach ourselves and hold courses to which we invited friends, neighbors and some curious people from the area. After all, dancing tango in good company is much nicer.

Since we were the only ones back then, La Rogaia quickly became an insider tip for Argentine Tango in Umbria. Amazingly, word got around as far as Rome and Milan, so that budding tango dancers also came from there.

One of our students was a young, handsome Canadian chiropractor who worked in Perugia. He wasn't very tall, but he was athletic - a man to lean on.

On a beautiful early summer afternoon, our course had just started, suddenly two young women we hadn't seen before were standing in front of the door.
They were from Milan and had heard of La Rogaia through word of mouth.

Of course, the first thing we did was to offer them a welcome glass of cool white wine and then we invited them to join the course.


After a brief introduction to Argentine tango in general and our concept of relaxed tango dancing in particular, we started, as usual, with walking in the embrace.

All couples lined up around the dance floor.

One of the Milanese women decided to watch first and to send her friend ahead.

That friend made herself comfortable in the embrace of our Canadian, relaxed, with closed eyes, as we had explained.

Then we started with Di Sarli, our preferred orchestra when it comes to nice, relaxed dancing for beginners.

Annette initially clapped the rhythm until everyone had got it and circled the dance floor to match the music.

Now, besides the music, all you could hear was the gentle steps of the dancers, until suddenly a faint noise was heard that at first I couldn't explain.

It took me a while to understand where this sound was coming from.

When our Canadian friend danced past me again with his dancer, I heard (I could hardly believe my ears) how she snored very gently.

Obviously she felt so comfortable and secure in the embrace that she had really relaxed completely.

How she managed to keep herself on her feet asleep and even walk on was a mystery to everyone involved, including the lady herself after she woke up at the end of the song and, to the amusement of the others, blinked in amazement trying to understand what had happened.

Though we couldn´t figure out what exactly had happened, one thing is obvious.

Tango keeps puzzling us and tells us wonderful new stories over and over again.


Do you also have fond memories of a tango holiday in La Rogaia?

Then tell us and others about your most beautiful tango moments.

You can send us an email or write a comment on our blog.

We are really looking forward to it!

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