Unleash your inner Michelangelo!

Students of the scultping class
Students of the scultping class discuss their work.

Stone carving in Italy with the sculptor Wolfgang Sandt


The stone carving experience in Italy!

Treat yourself to a highly creative break with individual sculpting lessons!

Unleash your inner Michelangelo and show your family and friends the unimagined creative powers that lie dormant in you!

Individual tuition all year round


Tuition fee EUR 500 for 1 person or EUR 800 for 2 persons for 1 week (private lessons for 3 hours per day on 5 days) or

Tuition fee EUR 900 for 1 person or EUR 1400 for 2 persons for 2 weeks (private lessons for 3 hours per day on 10 days)

plus rental of a holiday apartment at Villa La Rogaia (starting from 330 per week).


  • Sculpting tools will be provided.
  • A stone block can be obtained for you in advance after consultation with the instructor. Price is according to material and size.
  • If you have any special requests regarding your block of stone, please contact us.
  • Of course you can also bring your own block of stone for your project.


Food is not included - all our holiday apartments are fully equipped for selfcatering.


You will get individual tuition. Therefore it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you already have experience in stone carving.

For the sculpting lessons with Wolfgang Sandt you do not need any previous knowledge or special physical strength.

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“How did they do it??!!”

Stonecarving is fun !
Stonecarving is fun !

Have you ever asked yourself “How did they do it??!!” when you looked at stone sculptures in a museum, or maybe while strolling through the town center of an ancient Italian city?

Have you ever imagined what a great feeling it would be to see your very own sculpture emerging from a rough block of stone, a sculpture formed by your own hands?

Have you ever asked yourself whether you could do it, whether you could reward yourself with this feeling? Especially if you have never worked with your hands before and the closest you came to using chisel and hammer was hammering words and numbers on the keyboard of your computer?

Maybe you doubt whether you will ever be able to create something remotely similar to the works of artists and professional sculptors created through the centuries.

And yes, it is a challenge.

But it is a challenge you can master, provided you get the support you need. Tangible down to earth instruction what to do, how to use your tools efficiently, how to work the right way without getting exhausted quickly.

Don´t understand this wrong. Stone carving is physical work, and after a good day´s work you probably will be tired. But it won´t be the exhaustion after a long day toiling in front of your computer. It will be an agreeable tiredness. The kind of tiredness that lets you sleep well, that gives you the sensation of satisfaction because you will see and feel what you have achieved during the day.

To fortify you for this challenge and to make it really pleasurable you will enjoy experienced tuition.

Your instructor, the artist Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt
Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt is a master stonemason, sculptor and painter with more than 20 years of teaching experience. He has participated at numerous international symposia and exhibitions. He creates abstract sculptures of translucent marble as well as representational art work. He carves bowls, basins and other artistic objects for daily use out of marble and other stones.

For more information about Wolfgang and his art visit his website www.atelier-wolfgangsandt.de

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Why I love stones
“If you have been to Rome once you know that there you can discover an almost unbelievable multitude of masterpieces of art. I was completely overwhelmed and excited by the ancient sculptures, the works of Michelangelo and many other artists.Particularly taken however I was by the sculptures of Bernini and Canova in the Galleria Borghese. I was deeply impressed by their virtuosity by the way, they gave incredible lightness and liveliness to the marble. Back then I had no idea how great that virtuosity really was. I got a realistic impression of this only after I had started my apprenticeship as stonemason and had worked on my first small and relatively easy sculptural work. Well, there are many difficulties you have to master working with natural stone as a beginner you simply don´t know. On the other hand I discovered that many things that command admiration to the layperson in reality are not that difficult at all. Actually some things turn out to be astonishingly easy once you know how to do them.
Nonetheless it is always a new a challenge to give a form to a rough block of stone. A challenge however that is highly gratifying if you accept it and see how a sculpture comes into being by the work of your own hands…" (Wolfgang Sandt)

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About Villa La Rogaia

In the garden of La Rogaia
In the garden of La Rogaia

 “Villa La Rogaia” is an ancient Umbrian country house situated in the hills above Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, Italy. You will stay in rooms or apartments created with attention to every detail and decorated with sculptures and paintings by the artist Wolfgang Sandt.

The buildings are surrounded by a large garden with a pool. Everywhere you can find romantic corners with sculptures and peaceful little perches with views over olive orchards, vineyards, lavender fields and meadows.

Sculpture exhibitione Wolfgang Sandt at Perugia, June 2015