Important information about La Rogaia

A few things you should know about Villa La Rogaia

Of course, we want our guests to feel at home at the Villa La Rogaia and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

The prerequisite for this is that you are aware of what La Rogaia is and what it is not.

Neither you nor we feel comfortable when your holidays are not like what you expected.

La Rogaia is in the middle of nature: Animals

Foxes at La Rogaia
Foxes at La Rogaia

That means that there is wild life around. We get visited by deers, fallow deers, foxes, wild boars, badgers and goats. You can already meet our foxes in a blog post.

The foxes were born and grew up in La Rogaia, they are semi-domesticated and do not suffer from rabies. In addition, they are dewormed every 2 months, together with our cats.

Wild animals are fascinating and beautiful to look at, but they are very rarely clean and leave their "traces" on our property.
This is normal part of life in the country and no reason to complain.

The same is also true for the singing of nightingales and the call of owls, as well as, for example,   the chirping of crickets and cicadas in summer.

If you think now that it is nonsensical to feel disturbed by birds singing, we share your opinion. We have not yet heard something of the kind from our own guests, but we know that some of our colleagues had to listen to bitter complaints already...

We also cannot rule out that during your stay you will see spiders or - very rarely - a scorpion. In all the years that we have guests in our house, no one has ever been stung by a scorpion. And even if this should happen one day: The bite of a Mediterranean scorpion is harmless and corresponds to a wasp bite.

In the vicinity of La Rogaia live also snakes, especially ring snakes, which are very useful (and harmless) animals. Although there are vipers in Umbria and Tuscany, we have never seen one in La Rogaia.

Nevertheless, if you are suffering from a snake or spider phobia or are afraid of insects and other small animals, La Rogaia is not the right place for you.

La Rogaia is in the middle of nature: Stillness

Aurora Butterfly
Aurora Butterfly. Photo: Thijs van Veen


This also means that there is much to discover here. That you can see animals and plants that you can not find anywhere else. And youhave the opportunity to enjoy the silence of a remote country place.

However, if you are in a constant hustle and bustle, La Rogaia is probably not the right place for you.

La Rogaia is ideal for children. As I said, there is much to discover, and adventure in nature to experience.

However, if you are convinced that your children need constant animation, or that nature is simply dull, and if you are not ready to embrace something new and unknown, then La Rogaia is probably not the right place for you.

La Rogaia is in the middle of nature: Driveway

Gravel road leading to La Rogaia
Gravel road leading to La Rogaia

If you are very keen on having an espresso in walking distance at the local bar, restaurant or pizzeria, without using your car, La Rogaia is probably not the right place for you.

The nearest village, Castel Rigone, is 4 kilometers away. It takes about 45 minutes to walk there.

As a driveway, La Rogaia has a country-like gravel road, a so-called "Vicinale" (you could translate that with "neighborhood road").

This also applies to many other agriturismi and country houses in Italy. It is prohibited by law to tar these gravel roads in order not to seal the soil.

"Vicinali" are theoretically maintained by all residents. In practice, however, the work remains dependent on those who need it most, while all others are exercising themselves with respectable restraint, and rarely, if ever, contribute to maintaining the road.

The notoriously poor town administrations do not feel obliged to do anything either. However, the "Vicinali" are by no means private roads. Everyone can use them and hence wear them off.

Even though these gravel roads may be unfamiliar to some, they are not dangerous and accidents hardly ever happen.


If you arrive by car: Please read this important information

Villa La Rogaia is surrounded by nature, 4 km away from the nearest village, Castel Rigone. The last 2.5 km to our house are a gravel road. This might be unusual for some of our guests. However in comparison to driving on a motorway it is the safest part of your trip.

Nevertheless some might find it adventurous or even dangerous to drive on a gravel road.

The fact is that the last "accident" on our access road was at least 14 years ago when one of our guests had touched a negligently parked car on the side of the road.

One can easily drive on our access road with almost all cars.

For very long or wide mobile homes or vans, for motorcycles (except enduro or cross motorcycles) and for lowered cars our access road is not suitable.

However: If the idea of ​​driving a short distance on a gravel road through the Umbrian hills causes considerable discomfort to you or if the idea of encountering a car on a gravel road lets you panick, then La Rogaia is not the right place for you (like most countryhouses in Umbria and Tuscany). In this case, you should opt for a different destination.

Find more about our road HERE

La Rogaia is in the middle of nature: Where we are

Villa La Rogaia is not situated by the sea! Umbria is the only region of Italy which has no access to the sea (apart from the regions in the Alps of course).

The Villa La Rogaia is not located directly at the shore of Lake Trasimeno, but in the hills above the lake. We belong to the municipality of Passignano sul Trasimeno. Passignano has several districts, of which only the main town, Passignano sul Trasimeno, is located directly at the lake. Our village is Castel Rigone, originally an independent village, which was incorporated at the beginning of the last century.


Please see HERE the exact position of Villa La Rogaia

View from La Rogaia at sunset
View from La Rogaia at sunset

And here is a word about the weather

Garden La Rogaia in August
Garten La Rogaia im August

Unfortunately we have no influence on the weather.

It can get really hot in summer. In July and August the maximum average temperature is just under 28 ° Celsius. But temperatures around 35 ° Celsius are not uncommon, and in some summers the thermometer occasionally rises to 40 ° Celsius.

For those who want to escape the Nordic cold and soak up the sun, this is wonderful.

However, if you suffer from high temperatures, you shouldn't go to Umbria in July and August.

In addition, it is often very dry in July and August. We don't have unlimited water supplies from our wells to keep our flower garden and lawns green all year round. If you want to experience La Rogaia in lush greenery and lavish flowers, you have to come to us from April to June and from mid-September to November.

On the other hand, it can of course also happen that in the other months, if rarely, it rains more or is fresher than a sun-seeker would have liked.

As we said, we have no influence on the weather, neither one or the other is a reason for complaint, and therefore also no reason to cancel the trip.

Please understand that we cannot refund financial or other compensation if you cancel your trip because the weather conditions do not meet your expectations.