Tango Salon and Canyengue intermediate level with Mano & Birgit

Mano & Birgit

Mano & Birgit


Mano is a Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and cabaret artist. After his professional training as a tango teacher, he has been teaching together with his partner Birgit in Reutlingen, Germany, in his own tango studio since 2012. The most important elements of their teaching are body awareness and mindfulness with oneself and with the dance partner, sensitivity in the dance dialogue as well as musicality and elegance.

Birgit has been dancing intensively Tango Argentino since 2006. She teaches with all her heart, with directness and emotionality. With her charm she transmits pure joy in the lessons .

Mano and Birgit have specialized in Tango de Salon and have many years of experience in stage performance. As a special feature, the two also offer Tango Canyengue, the fascinating dance style from the early days of Tango in Buenos Aires. The Tango Canyengue is characterized by intimacy in the couple, seductive musicality and enthralling rhythms.

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Mano & Birgit dance Canyengue
Mano & Birgit dance Canyengue

Topics of the course in La Rogaia:

We offer you the opportunity to deepen the topics according to your previous knowledge and skills.  With the following coaching contents you can further develop your personal Tango. We presume that the following step combinations are already being danced by you: Medialuna, Ocho forward and backward, the crossed system, the so-called Ocho base with the Lady's Cross, Sanguichita (sandwich) left and right, etc. We will decide together, which we will examine more closely with the following topics:

  • The elegant and relaxed walking in tango
  • The careful interaction with each other in the couple and the safeguarding of the personal and the common dance axes
  • The embrace, relaxed yet clear and safe
  • On musicality: leading and following and the "tango game" between man and woman
  • "Milonguero" (close embrace) and semi-open to open embrace, when and to which music?
  • Your tango - my tango - our tango: Embrace and dynamism in the couple
  • Introduction to the Tango-CANYENGUE: music, steps and the Enganche


If you think that you do not make mistakes and still want to make everything right, you can not learn!"


"Dancing Tango Argentino sometimes starts in the head because you want to give it a try. And sometimes it ends up in your heart, in your smile, with which you accept yourself within this dance.“


Level: Intermediate

Languages of instruction: English, German  

Fee: EUR 965 per person per week

Price includes 15 hours of teaching, lodging in doubleroom and meals (beverages included) for the entire week of the course, including the booking charge. Extra charge for lodging in single rooms: EUR 200 per person per week. Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for two persons: starting from EUR 60 per person per week. Please contact us about details of instruction, lodging and food.


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Mehr über Mano und Birgit unter www.emanolito.de (in German only)

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