Tango intermediate level with Isabella & Iwan

Isabella Cremer & Iwan Harlan

Summer Holidays 2020

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"Only the moment is the choreography"

A Tango week for head and heartwith Isabella & Ivan.

Body awareness and mental training for women and men, for the dancing couple.

Intensive instruction with   i-nspiration   i-mprovisation   i-ntimity.

Lightness, relax and joy of life in the Italian summer.

How this course will help you to dance better:

The goal

    - Good posture that makes dancing easier and makes you look good
    - Lightness and agility
    - Arrive at the center of your own body
    - Find back to the original blueprint of your own female and male essence
    - Inspiration in search of the common moment

The way

    - Body awareness through images that immediately will let you dance easier
    - Exercises that make every movement more efficient, soothing and healing
    - Body training methods that will lift you up
    - Recognize and use basic principles of movement, so you can exploit your own potential

Our offer for you

We will work intensively in two separate groups with men and women and then playfully explore the work of both forces in a joint dance.

This tango week is all about Eros and the additional counterforce, the Logos.

Eros: sensual, yearning, emotional, instinctive, connecting
Logos: logical, analytical, structured, with the urge of knowing and expanding

Eros is assigned to the female principle and Logos to the male. But both forces are effective in both sexes.

This is not just about steps or figures, but about the common movement from the heart to the legs and from the head to the toe. For more woman and more man in tango.

Free your own tango and enjoy!

Would you like to see Isabella and Iwan dance? Here are some Videos


At the age of 6, I'm on the dance floor in a youth dance group for modern dance, a mixture of contemporary, ballet and Polish folklore.

After two years there was an involuntary change to the choir (because I supposedly have a rare alto voice - so my teachers said). Later I founded "Isabella's Art", a studio for unique fashion, which was for the time being the focus of my professional creativity.

In 2003 the dance has me back: Argentine Tango. In 2008 it becomes a profession. It is an ongoing research, a continuous study of the movement,  with diverse methods of bodywork, supported by insights from yoga, cantienica and the Franklin method.

Inspired by my collaboration with physiotherapists, other professional dancers, contemporary dance, stage and project work, and the encounter with the students, this dance art is now my favorite research object.

I am a musician, singer and composer (albums: `elonga music vol.1` and` Tango Alemán`).
Dance is music for me. My body is my instrument.

At the beginning of 2005 the Tangovirus caught me. Since then I am addicted. You probably know how that feels like.

This drug is so strong because it makes you confident, sexy and free. You feel yourself.

In 2007, my fantastic tango instructor Lizelot de Stighter asked me to assist her. That was the start of my career as a dance instructor. Since 2008 I run the "Elonga Contemporary Tango School" together with Isabella. We continuously explore the dance, the music and the mediation of this culture.

Tango for me is the wonderful opportunity to become more man, to develop more awareness of male energy. For me, a tango dance is authentic when the two primal energies, male and female, meet and communicate with each other in the tango language. Man with man, woman with woman and the supreme discipline man with woman.

Isabella & Ivan
Our dance is the consequence of a passion for the tango music and for the dance, developed from the roots of tango, grown on recognizing the possibilities, with the courage to experiment, with the love to be non-conformist, with the curious search for the unusual, because:

"Only the moment is the choreography"

Level: Intermediate

Languages of instruction: English, German

Fee: EUR 995 per person per week

Above mentioned prices include:

  • Instruction fee for 1 person for 15 hours of teaching.
  • Lodging for 1 week for 1 person in double room (shared bathroom for 3 to 4 persons)
  • Half board (two meals - by catering service or in restaurants - including all beverages) for 1 week for 1 person.

Not included in the price are:

  • Extra charge for lodging in single room (shared bathroom for 2 to 3 persons): EUR 200 per person per week
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 2 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette): "La Mimosa" EUR 60 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 120 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 150 per person per week (double occupancy)
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 1 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette):"La Mimosa" EUR 300 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 400 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 500 per person per week (single occupancy)
  • Travel arrangement to and from La Rogaia. A detailled map and description how to get to La Rogaia and futher information about trains and flights you can find here
  • Extra meals, extra beverages, tips
  • Entrance fees to Milongas

Please contact us if you need further information about instruction, lodging and food.


Isabella Cremer & Iwan Harlan: "Bailemos", Carlos di Sarli
Isabella Cremer & Iwan Harlan: "Le Clan - Jean Alain & Lino" album "Cinema"
Isabella Cremer & Iwan Harlan: "original Turlitawa rumba stylee" Iwan Harlan

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