Tango intermediate level with Gustavo Gomez & Anabela Miranda

Gustavo Gómez & Anabela Miranda

Gustavo Gómez
Gustavo Gómez

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Vivetango – living Tango

Gustavo Gomez has been teaching together with his wife Gabi for about 16 years in Germany. Previously, he worked in a dance school in his home country Argentina.

Gustavo teaches mainly in the south of Munich, Germany, also in  Regensburg, Rosenheim, Innsbruck and in Argentina, where he is "at home".

Important Tango personalities who have influenced Gustavo's  dancing are: Johanna Copes, Bruno Gibertoni, Alejandra Mantinan, Aoniken Quiroga, Martin Ojeda, Mariana Montes Sebastian Arce, El Pibe Sarandi, Adrian Veredice, Oscar Mandagaran, Jorge el Turco.

Gustavo has a contagious and emotional way in conveying his technique not only to the man/leader but also to the lady/ follower.

In addition, a shot of humor is never missing, a pinch of "the original Argentine way" and a handful of stories from real life.

Would you like to see him dance? Here are a few Videos of his performances together with his wife Gabi.

Anabela Miranda
Anabela Miranda. Photo: Hernan Blanco

Anabela Miranda
is from San Rafael, a town in the western Argentinean province of Mendoza. Already as a little girl she received lessons in classical ballet, contemporary dance and folklore. She decided to turn her passion into a profession and continued her career as a dancer in Buenos Aires. She studied choreography and dance performance at the National Art Institute of the University of Buenos Aires.

Tango entered her life in 2008 and has been shaping it ever since. She first began teaching tango and contemporary dance in her hometown San Rafael, founding her own dance school and winning numerous awards in competitions.
In 2014, she moved to the capital and performed in shows with various world-renowned dancers and ensembles in Argentina and Europe.

With her students, she wants to share her experience and her knowledge, but above all, her passion and her love for tango.

The theme of the workshop at La Rogaia:

Discover your own Tango!

Gustavo's and Gabi's philosophy is that everybody already has his or her own tango inside. It is the teachers' task to awaken this inward tango. When we learn Tango we should not try to just copy other dancers. Thomas should dance as Thomas and Anna should dance as Anna. It is the individual originality that Gustavo and Gabi want to convey and promote to their students.

The lessons will focus on:

  • Axis and equilibrium: each partner in his/ her own axis and at the same time keeping a common axis
  • Male and female technique: walking, joint movements, leading, following and accompanying
  • Musicality: phrases in music, legato and staccato, major and minor keys, melody and rhythm, instruments and vocals, breaks
  • Precise movements: symbiosis while walking, turning and dissociating
  • Improvisation: Getting away from preset structures
  • El Abrazo: close embrace and the flowing change to the open embrace


Anabela Miranda
Anabela Miranda. Photo: Hernan Blanco
Gustavo Gómez
Gustavo Gómez

Level: Intermediate

Languages of instruction: English, German  

Fee: Last Minute Offer EUR 795 (instead of  EUR 995) per person per week

Above mentioned price includes:

  • Instruction fee for 1 person for 15 hours of teaching.
  • Lodging for 1 week for 1 person in double room (shared bathroom for 3 to 4 persons)
  • Half board (two meals - by catering service or in restaurants - including all beverages) for 1 week for 1 person.

Not included in the price are:

  • Extra charge for lodging in single room (shared bathroom for 2 to 3 persons): EUR 200 per person per week
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 2 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette): "La Mimosa" EUR 60 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 120 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 150 per person per week (double occupancy)
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 1 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette):"La Mimosa" EUR 300 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 400 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 500 per person per week (single occupancy)
  • Travel arrangement to and from La Rogaia. A detailled map and description how to get to La Rogaia and futher information about trains and flights you can find here
  • Extra meals, extra beverages, tips
  • Entrance fees to Milongas

Please contact us if you need further information about instruction, lodging and food.

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Gabi & Gustavo Gómez: "Noche de Garufa", Tanturi
Gabi & Gustavo Gómez: "La Tupungatina", O. Pugliese
Gabi & Gustavo Gòmez: Tango "Cafè Dominguez" (El Cuarteto Rotterdam, live)

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More about Gabi and Gustavo at www.vivetango.de (in German only)

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