Tango intermediate level with Angela Sallat & Andreas Küttner

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Angela Sallat & Andreas Küttner

Angela Sallat & Andreas Küttner


Angela has been a passionate tango dancer since 1998. She studied with many Tango masters in Argentina and Germany and has a vast experience in various methods of therapy, body work and contemporary dance. All this together characterizes her dance as well as her teaching. In 2003 she founded the Tango studio "alma en vuelo" in Leipzig, Germany. In her teaching she is enthusiastic, warm-hearted and open-minded. She accompanies her students with precision, mindfulness and sensitivity.

"Tango touches you inside. It challenges you to meet yourself, uncompromisingly and directly."


Angela Sallat & Andreas Küttner

is a tango dancer and singer, among others with the
Tango Trio SINDUDA. Since 2010 he has been teaching together with Angela. His dance and his teaching are influenced by numerous teachers from Germany and abroad. HIs professional training as a singer and his many years of experience on stage give a very special touch to his lessons. Thus, presence, musicality and breathing are as much a topic as clear and relaxed communication in the couple.

Angela and Andreas are at home in the tango school "alma en vuelo" in Leipzig, Germany.

In their classes, they place emphasis on the connection in the couple, the real understanding of the roles in leading and following and the structured mediation of the varied improvisation in the dance. As instructors, it is particularly important for them that each dancer feels comfortable in his or her body and can move in relaxed way in his or her axis.

Part of their teaching is a bodywork that frees the head and prepares and trains the body for more ease, elasticity, naturalness and elegance. Both understand how to accompany their students in the process of learning with mindfulness and to motivate them again and again. 

For many years, they have been teaching not only at their studio “alma en vuelo” at Leipzig but also at workshops and seminars as guest lecturers, performing as a couple on a variety of occasions and successfully organizing Tango travels to various wonderful locations.

Would you like to see Angela and Andreas dance together? Watch these Videos

Topics of the classes at La Rogaia:

Basics: elegant, precise walking and turning

Contact: flexible embrace and clear communication

Women's and men's technique: stability and presence in one's own movement

Sacadas: beautiful combinations for small space

Musicality: rhythmic security and flexibility in the dynamics

Level: Intermediate

Languages of instruction: English, German  

Fee: EUR 995 per person per week

Price includes 15 hours of teaching, lodging in doubleroom and meals (beverages included) for the entire week of the course, including the booking charge. Extra charge for lodging in single rooms: EUR 200 per person per week. Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for two persons: starting from EUR 60 per person per week. Please contact us about details of instruction, lodging and food.


Angela and Andreas: Tango "La vida es corta" R. Tanturi
Angela and Andreas: Milonga "No hay tierra como la mia" F. Canaro
Angela und Andreas: Tango "Pensalo bien" D'Arienzo
Angela und Andreas: "Salut d'amour" D. Hope/ E. Elgar
Angela and Andreas: "Misa a Buenos Aires" Martin Palmeri

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More about Angela Sallat and Andreas Küttner at http://almaenvuelo.de (in German only)

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