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Andrés & Mira

Andrés and Mira
Andrés and Mira

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Tango Encantado

Andres from Darmstadt, Germany, has been teaching tango for over ten years, drawing on over 20 years of teaching experience of the various forms of dance and movement. His most important teachers are Juan Carlos Copes, Eduardo & Gloria Arquimbau, Martha & Antón "El Gallego" Manolo Salvador, Gustavo Russo & Samantha Garcia, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Eduardo Cappussi & Mariana Flores and Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega. At La Rogaia he will teach with his partner Mira. In their teaching they deal intensively with the functionality of the body and the contact with the partner.

The focus is on issues such as:

  • How to find and protect my axis?
  • How do I get a good and relaxed body position?
  • What "tricks" help me to do a beautiful Molinete?
  • How can we perceive our partner better?
  • How can I lead the lady without the use of force?
  • Musicality - what should I do?
  • How can I translate into motion what I hear in the music?
Andrés & MIra, La Rogaia
Andrés & MIra, La Rogaia

A clear didactic structure and playful exercises based on individual movement elements lead the participants to the answers. You will find a much more intense contact with the partner and the dance thus becomes more harmonious and musical. The principle of improvisation will be clearer, the tango is free - so we can enjoy the togetherness even better!

More about Andrès and Mira at www.encantado-del-tango.de

Level: Intermediate

Languages of instruction: English, German  


Fee: EUR 865 per person per week

Price includes 15 hours of teaching, lodging in doubleroom and meals (beverages included) for the entire week of the course, including the booking charge. Extra charge for lodging in single rooms: EUR 200 per person per week. Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for two persons: starting from EUR 60 per person per week. Please contact us about details of instruction, lodging and food.


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