Tango for intermediate level with Wolfgang - "Play with Tango - Work less, dance better"

Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen
Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen

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To dance Tango is incredibly complicated!

You have to practice for years to be able to dance Argentine Tango - Right?


You have to know one important thing though:

Argentine Tango consists of a few, simple elements, which you can combine freely. Even the most complex „figures“ can be traced back to these simple elements. That means dancing Tango is not really difficult once you have learned the basics.

The people who went dancing in Buenos Aires when Tango was created, and the thousands of dancers who crowded the dance floors during the “Golden Age” of Tango were, apart of a few exceptions, by no means professional dancers.

They were just common people, artisans, housewives, workers, merchants, employees… They moved on the dance floors playfully, with respect for the music and the other dancers. They didn´t use choreographies which would have been of no use on a busy dance floor anyway.

And that is one of the things this course is about!

Admittedly the dancers of way back then had some advantages compared to us:

1. They knew the music inside out. Tango was everywhere and people imbibed it from their infancies.

But this is not an unsolvable problem. Within one week you can learn quite a bit about Tango music. Enough to dance significantly better.

2. Almost all Argentinians had the proverbial Argentine pride and with it the proud upright posture.

And this upright proud posture we require indeed for dancing Argentine Tango.

Therefore we will practise it extensively in the course.

A great side effect of the right posture: Many problems you have when dancing Tango disappear almost magically (apart of that you definitely look much better.).

Of course men tried to put their best foot forward, invented one or another variation of a step. After all there was a striking lack of women, and men needed to present themselves in the best light, thus trying to secure the favour of the ladies in the long run.

But for this you had no necessity to memorise entire choreographies (this would  have stressed most of the ladies anyway.) It was sufficient to have in store once and again some small, pleasant, playful surprise – suiting the music.

On the other hand the ladies were not supposed to reel off some prefabricated program without regard what their dance partners tried to offer them.

Nothing of this has changed to this day!

To play with the Tango for a lady means to be open for the musical proposals her dance partner (hopefully) is making to her. And it means as well to make little, playful counter offers – of course suiting the music.

That´s another thing this course is about!

Want to know whether this course is right for you?

You participated already in several courses. You attend regularly practicas, go to milongas and Tango balls? 

Then you may be familiar with these problems…

  • Tango music is not completely new to you. Of course you know there are different orchestras and styles. But you still feel insecure how to dance to the music you are listening to in the milonga.

Especially for women:

  • You think your regular dance partner really could “do more figures” when dancing together with you? Because obviously you are capable to dance more figures – when you are dancing with your tango teacher.
  • When you´re dancing with a man you don´t know yet, you are afraid you won´t understand what he wants you to do. Thus you are stressed, put yourself under pressure and easily loose your balance?
  • If you perform some embellishments once in a while, your dance partner becomes nervous, because he doesn´t  know what´s going on. And you don´t know how to cope with it.

Especially for men

  • Your regular dance partner stresses you permanently with her requests to perform more figures?
  • When you are dancing with a lady you don´t know yet, you are irritated because she doesn´t understand your signals and doesn´t dance the steps you want her to dance.
  • When you are dancing with a lady you don´t know yet, you are irritated because all at a sudden she dances some “strange” steps and you don´t know how to cope with that.

Then the course „Dancing Tango made easy – Play with Tango – Work less, dance better“ is exactly right for you!

You will learn in this course

  • To improve your understanding of the music and how you can play with the rhythm.
  • How to dance more elegantly by working less
  • How to let your body do all the “work” without you even actively thinking about it.

Especially for men

  • How you can create your own „figures“ using simple, easy to dance elements, and how you can impress the ladies without memorising complicated choreographies
  • What you can do when your partner urges you to „do more, to perform more figures”. Even better - how to dance from the very beginning in a way she doesn´t miss “figures” at all.
  • What you can do when the lady doesn´t dance what you think you have invited her to do.
  • How you can perceive that your dance partner doesn´t just perform some „weird steps“, but simply adds some embellishments to her dance. And how you can respond.

Especially for women:

  • How you can understand what you can do – and what you shouldn´t do when dancing Tango
  • How you can perceive the offers of your dance partner and how you can respond to them actively and playfully.
  • How you can understand better the signals of your dance partner and how you will find the balance between dancing proactively and following the lead of your partner in a relaxed way.
  • What you can do when you notice that your dance partner is still insecure and gets choked as soon as you´re dancing some embellishments.

For everybody

  • Why it is no problem at all if something doesn´t instantly work as planned !


About Wolfgang Sandt

Two hearts beat in Wolfgang's breast, and it is difficult to say, whether his bigger passion is sculpture or tango. In any case he is an excellent teacher, who imparts to his students with patience, artistic creativity and a lot of humour the joy for those things, that fill him with enthusiasm. Wolfgang has been dancing tango since 1994. Among his teachers are Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Fabian Salas and Carolina del Rivero, Mariano"Chicho" Frumboli and Eugenia Parilla, Kely and Facundo Posadas, Amira Campora, Metin Yazir, Graciela Gonzalez, Nestor Ray, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Yvonne Meissner and Eduardo Aquirre, Ruben Terbalca and many others. For him it is important not to teach figures and steps, but to impart to his students the ability to recognize the structure of the dance and its different elements, thus giving them the ability to invent playfully their own, always new "figures". Consequence of this is a concept for a "dialogue of the dancers ", where there are (almost) no "wrong steps". Wolfgang will be assisted by his wife Annette who will also work with the ladies on posture and technique.

A comment about Wolfgang and Annette as teachers: The Tango course was an experience I don´t want to miss anymore. Many thanks to Wolfgang and Annette, who imparted in a very sympathetic and structured way their profound knowledge of Argentine Tango. In future I will save money on courses at home but treat my wife and me to another holiday at La Rogaia instead. Andreas from Sprockhövel

Level: Intermediate. This course is for dancers who already have some dancing experience. It is especially but not exclusively for dancers who participated already in one or several courses with Wolfgang and Annette at La Rogaia.

Languages of instruction: English, German, Italian

Fee: EUR 945 per person per week

Above mentioned price includes:

  • Instruction fee for 1 person for 15 hours of teaching.
  • Lodging for 1 week for 1 person in double room (shared bathroom for 3 to 4 persons)
  • Half board (two meals - by catering service or in restaurants - including all beverages) for 1 week for 1 person.

Not included in the price are:

  • Extra charge for lodging in single room (shared bathroom for 2 to 3 persons): EUR 200 per person per week
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 2 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette): "La Mimosa" EUR 60 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 120 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 150 per person per week (double occupancy)
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 1 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette):"La Mimosa" EUR 300 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 400 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 500 per person per week (single occupancy)
  • Travel arrangement to and from La Rogaia. A detailled map and description how to get to La Rogaia and futher information about trains and flights you can find here
  • Extra meals, extra beverages, tips
  • Entrance fees to Milongas

Please contact us if you need further information about instruction, lodging and food.

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