Tango for absolute beginners and improvers, "Tango dancing made easy - Magic moments", with Wolfgang

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Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen
Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen

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Who is this workshop for?

Absolute beginners and improvers

Dancers who want to brush up their basic knowledge of Tango

Perhaps this course is your first encounter with Tango Argentino and you want to dance tango without stress from the very beginning. You want to learn how to move safely on the dance floor, in harmony with your partner.

Maybe you have started dancing tango a while ago, but have stopped dancing out of frustration, because in real life on a busy dance floor you never could dance the things you learned in your dance school.

Or you already  have attended  one or more Tango Argentino classes and visit regularly practicas, milongas and tango balls but the basic elements of Tango don´t work the way they should. Meaning dancing is much harder than you expected it to be. 

Maybe some of the situations described below sound familiar to you?

  • You have already learned by heart a lot of  fancy "figures" but every   time you want to dance them on the dancefloor somebody gets in your way.
  • You succeed to dance fairly well with your regular dance partner but the moment you dance with someone else nothing seems to work out anymore.
  • You are asking yourself often whether the music played is Tango, Milonga or Tango Valtz.
  • When Milonga or Tango Valtz are played you leave the dance floor because you believe that this is still too difficult for you.
  • You are annoyed because your partner never dances what you "lead".
  • You are annoyed because your partner only drags you through the ballroom and you don ´t understand what he wants.
  • You want to know why some of the "figures" you have learned don´t work out so well.
  • You are dancing already fairly well but want to improve your understanding of the music . 

Then our beginners' to improvers' workshop is exactly right for you !

In this workshop we show you

  • how you can improve your understanding of the music and how you can play with the rythm
  • how you avoid unpleasant collisions with other couples (and what you  to do if it happens)
  • how you still can dance on the crowded dancefloor
  • how  you can dance Tango Valtz and Milonga 
  • how you get a better understanding of the "figures" which still don´t work so well and in consequence how you can dance them right 
  • how you can understand different possibilities in the dance and how you can use this knowledge to develop spontaneously your own "figures"  
  • how you can dance even more elegant
  • how  you can improve your understanding for your partner while you dance
  • In short how you will have more fun dancing Tango 


About Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang's is a tango teacher and a sculptor. He is an excellent teacher, who imparts to his students with patience, artistic creativity and a lot of humour the joy for the things, he loves.

Wolfgang has been dancing tango since 1994. Among his teachers are Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Fabian Salas and Carolina del Rivero, Mariano"Chicho" Frumboli and Eugenia Parilla, Kely and Facundo Posadas, Amira Campora, Metin Yazir, Graciela Gonzalez, Nestor Ray, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Yvonne Meissner and Eduardo Aquirre, Ruben Terbalca and many others.

For him it is important not to teach figures and steps, but to impart to his students the ability to recognize the structure of the dance and its different elements, thus giving them the ability to invent playfully their own, always new "figures".

Consequence of this is a concept for a "dialogue of the dancers ", where there are almost no "wrong steps". This is certainly an excellent foundation to have lots of joy with Argentine tango even as a beginner.

Wolfgang will be assisted by his wife Annette who will also work with the ladies on posture and technique.

A comment about Wolfgang and Annette as teachers: Dear Wolfgang and Annette, thank you for making our tango holiday with you so successful and memorable. We really enjoyed everything about our week spent with you and could only highly recommend you to our friends and colleagues. Although we are clear beginners, your course structure and teaching style has, in one week, given us sufficient skills to improvise with tango and really connected our dancing to the music. It has also equipped us with a basic milonga survival guide, which we had the chance to try out successfully at the milonga in Perugia. When we returned to our weekly ballroom class back in Cambridge we were asked to demonstrate what we had learned and we managed to successfully improvise to a randomly selected piece. Your passion for tango has really given us a great start. Federica and Chris from Cambridge

Level: Absolute beginners and improvers and for all those who want to freshen up their basics in Argentine Tango

Languages of instruction: English, German, Italian

Fee: EUR 875 per person per week

Price includes 15 hours of teaching, lodging in doubleroom and meals (beverages included) for the entire week of the course, including the booking charge. Extra charge for lodging in single rooms: EUR 200 per person per week. Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for two persons: starting from EUR 60 per person per week. Please contact us about details of instruction, lodging and food.

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