Tango advanced level with Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta Winkler
Foto: Edward A. Goytia

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Brigitta Winkler is an internationally acclaimed dancer. She divides her time between New York and Berlin, where she studied ballet and modern dance for many years. In 1980, her life changed when she discovered Argentine tango. She then spent some years in Paris studying with Virulazo, a star of Tango Argentino. At that time she met Coco Orlando Diaz, and they began performing together at Les Trottoirs de Buenos Aires in Paris. In 1986, they took their own show to Montreal and Toronto. Brigitta travelled often to Buenos Aires to study with such noted dancers as Juan Carlos Copes, Antonio Todaro, Pepito, Gustavo Naveira, and Eduardo Arquimbau.

In 1987 she opened Tanzart dance studio together with her partner Angelika Fischer, where she hosted Arquimbau's visits to Berlin. In 1994 Brigitta choreographed and danced in Tango Marathon in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart and Tango Vision in the Podewil Berlin. She incorporates into her interpretation of tango Body-Mind Centering, which she studied in a four-year program with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen.
Today Brigitta Winkler is a Tango legend, famous for being among the first who integrated training of body awareness  and.body work in her teaching concept. 
You will profit strongly from her concept, used by professional tango dancers worldwide. At the intensive workshop at La Rogaia Brigitta´s comprehensive body training will help you to perceive your body in a new very  agreeable way.
You will reduce tensions and blockades in your body, dance more relaxed and with less stress.

See one of Brigitta's unique teaching and performances in these videos.

Brigitta Winkler
Foto: Edward A. Goytia

Jeanne Marie Castle writes about Brigitta:

"Tango has begun to seep into my body as deeply as Authentic Movement. In Brigitta Winkler, I have discovered not only a wonderful tango teacher, but a woman trained in Body Mind Centering and group improvisation. I have witnessed her take a hundred nervous strangers and transform them into a group with one or two simple warm-ups emphasizing contact. Her aproach inspired me. The mingling of Authentic Movement and Tango so polar in their outer form has made a spicy new soup of experience within my conscious body. It seems to me that any beginning may summon our original beginning. For a continuity of being to begin to unfold, it takes two."

Level: Advanced

Languages of instruction: English, German  

Fee: EUR 995 per person per week

Above mentioned price includes:

  • Instruction fee for 1 person for 15 hours of teaching.
  • Lodging for 1 week for 1 person in double room (shared bathroom for 3 to 4 persons)
  • Half board (two meals - by catering service or in restaurants - including all beverages) for 1 week for 1 person.

Not included in the price are:

  • Extra charge for lodging in single room (shared bathroom for 2 to 3 persons): EUR 200 per person per week
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 2 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette): "La Mimosa" EUR 60 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 120 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 150 per person per week (double occupancy)
  • Extra charge for lodging in private apartment for 1 persons (with private bathroom and kitchenette):"La Mimosa" EUR 300 per person per week; "La Pipo" or "I Cuccioli" EUR 400 per person per week; "La Grapo" EUR 500 per person per week (single occupancy)
  • Travel arrangement to and from La Rogaia. A detailled map and description how to get to La Rogaia and futher information about trains and flights you can find here
  • Extra meals, extra beverages, tips
  • Entrance fees to Milongas

Please contact us if you need further information about instruction, lodging and food.

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How will the tango classes take place at La Rogaia?

Information about Tango holidays in times of Corona:

- We limit the maximum number of participants to 5 couples. At the moment, only fixed couples are allowed due to the social distancing rules that still apply in Italy. Changing of dance partners is not permitted.

- If possible, we will dance outside, otherwise inside with the distancing rules on the dance floor. The room offers enough space for 5 couples to adhere to the distancing rules during the class. It is not mandatory to wear masks.

- We do not know whether there will be milongas in autumn. At the moment only outdoor dance events without partner change and with a minimum distance between couples on the dance floor are permitted. Of course, as an official event organizer and agriturismo, we have to abide by the rules. How it will be like in autumn and on site also depends on the participants and how the requirements, e.g. for local Milonga organizers, will be.

- The participants of our courses will only lodge in apartments with private bathroom and separate entrance. In the two-bedroom apartments, only people from shared households will be accommodated.

- Of course, we follow all hygiene rules of the WHO, the Italian Ministry of Health and the regional authorities: thorough cleaning and disinfection of the apartments, safe use of the swimming pool and the hygiene requirements for the preparation and serving of food as well as the distancing rules at the dinner table if necessary .

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Of course, we cannot predict the development of the COVID19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions. Nevertheless, we will offer our courses again from September 2020 and are happy to take reservations or bookings.

In view of the special situation, we have adjusted our cancellation policy:

- If a course cannot take place due to "force majeure" (e.g. the COVID19 pandemic) or if the participants cannot travel due to travel restrictions / travel warnings, we grant free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the course. We will refund your full payment.

- If we have to cancel the course from our side (e.g. due to insufficient number of participants), you will of course receive your full payment back. We will inform you at least 1 month before the course starts whether the course can take place or not. However, unfortunately we cannot assume any costs for flight bookings or the like that have already been made. We therefore recommend that you wait with flight bookings etc. until we have finally confirmed a class.

For all other reasons for cancellation, our usual cancellation conditions apply, which you can find HERE

Brigitta Winkler & Lazzaro Chionna: Class demonstration at La Rogaia 2015

Brigitta Winkler & Tomás Howlin, "Si la Llegaran a Ver" (Hector Maure /Juan d'Arienzo)

Hommage to Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta's class is always very much sought after. So do not wait too long and do not miss out on this opportunity.

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More about Brigitta Winkler at www.brigittatango.de

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