Private Tango Lessons for beginners and improvers with Wolfgang Sandt

Tango and Dolce Vita in Italy

Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen
Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen

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For all those who like to get a taste of tango during their vacation or want to deepen their knowledge of tango, we offer private tango lessons with Wolfgang and Annette.

It's double fun!

First, Villa La Rogaia in Umbria is an exceptionally beautiful place. We are a little proud that many of our guests say it feels like being in paradise.

And second, Argentine Tango is probably the most romantic and sensual of all dances - and also a lot of fun.

A tango holiday is a wonderful way to give each partnership a new lease of life!

Holidays in Italy

La Foce, Valle d'Orcia
La Foce, Valle d'Orcia


  • Relax in an idyllic country house surrounded by greenery

  • Enjoy the beauty of nature and the picturesque towns of Tuscany and Umbria

  • Enjoy the delicious Umbrian-Tuscan cuisine

  • Get to know the lively tango scene in nearby Perugia, where new faces are always welcome

Benefits of Private Tango Lessons

Wolfgang Sandt
Wolfgang Sandt

The Tango Private Lessons are not tied to a specific course or period, you can arrange them individually before or during your holiday in one of the apartments of Villa La Rogaia.

The tango private lessons are suitable for beginners as well as for dancers with previous knowledge (improvers).

  • If you have never danced tango or are just beginning your tango career: Wolfgang will teach you everything you need to move confidently on the dance floor

  • If you already have been dancing for some time and want to deepen your Tango skills: A fresh new look from another angle can break some of the blocks, open new doors, and help you dance better.

By the way, Wolfgang's simple method of teaching is also ideal for dancers who dread the need to memorize a myriad of steps and figures which stress them out ...

Your benefits at a glance

  • The content of the lesson and the pace of learning are based on your own wishes and needs
  • In private lessons you have the teacher to yourself
  • In private lessons individual topics can be treated more intensively
  • In private lessons you learn faster

Depending on availability of a dance partner you can also register as a single for private lessons.

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A comment about Wolfgang as Tango teacher:

"Your tango classes really are something very special: clearly structured, methodically-didactically super class – we learned a lot.

Sentences like "Dancing tango is not work." / "The music is your friend, not your enemy." / "Ladies don´t think!” (Only valid for dancing tango : -) / "Give the ladies chocolate and roses", made us smile and dissolved many of our tensions

Our conclusion after one week of tango workshop with you: Everybody who really wants to learn tango should come to you to La Rogaia, to get to know the "Magic Moments" of tango."

Anne and Raimund


Level: Beginners and improvers (from 0 to 2 years of experience in Argentine Tango)

Languages of instruction: English, German, Italian

Rate: EUR 80 per lessons of 1.5 hours plus rental of one of our holiday apartments, starting at EUR 55 per day (min 3 days)


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