The Peony Garden "Centro Botanico Moutan"

A Sea of Peonies

A Garden Lover from Viterbo


The garden is named after the Chinese term “Mu Dan” which means tree peony.

It was planted in the 1990s by Carlo Confidati, a Viterbo-born businessman and garden lover whose interest in the fascinating world of peonies started with his passion for gardening.

The incredible history surrounding this rare flower prompted him to deepen his botanical knowledge.


The largest collection of peonies worldwide

In the provinces of China, land of origin, he discovered countless varieties of trees and herbaceous peonies belonging to different species.

Charmed by the beauty and rarity of these flowers, he imported some varieties to Italy and attempted an initial plantation on the hills at the foot of the Cimini mountains.

The extraordinary blossoming of the Peonies deeply fascinated him and prompted him to create a place exclusively devoted to the study and cultivation of these plants, a single-theme garden which today contains the rarest and largest collection of tree and herbaceous peonies in the world.

Experience the peonies in blossom



The Centre has been open to visitors since 2003 and offers striking garden areas where they can enjoy the colours and scents of nature.

The Centro Botanico Moutan is The place to visit for plant experts and  gardening fans but also for non-experts, who come to witness the flowering time and can enjoy a relaxing day amidst nature, starting from April onwards.


Feasting in the flower rush


Inspired by the many colours of the peonies is the Colour cafè which offers traditional dishes of the area mixed with creative ingredients. And everything is - as you would expect - decorated with peonies.

Perfect für Photo-Shootings


Entering the garden was one of the most aesthetically pleasing experiences of my life, from the blooming peonies in all colours and shapes to the wisteria covered pergolas. They provide shade and and give off a wonderful scent.


When I go there with my sister we always make sure that we dress in pretty spring dresses because it is the perfect location for photo shoots! And then we play hide and seek between the huge flower bushes.




Address and further information

S.S. Ortana, 46

01030 Vitorchiano – VT

tel. +39 0761 300490


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Text: Aurora Sandt
Photos: rogaia

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