Sleeping Beauty Rogaia

Sleeping Beauty's Birthday

For the past two months, “La Rogaia” has been dreaming in all its blooming splendor in a deep slumber. Without guests  everything was so very quiet.

We are all waiting to be “kissed awake”, if possible not after 100 years!

The other day was my 19th birthday.

And my mother actually organized a "conspiratorial meeting" for me in the parking lot of a supermarket in Perugia, where "quite by accident" there was also my best friend for shopping ...
At the moment in Italy it is only allowed to meet with family members, friends are (still) taboo.

And Amira baked a birthday cake (a Black Forest Cake, admittedly not very Umbrian, but a real classic).

"Sleeping Beauty" is a princess with my name, because in most films Sleeping Beauty is called Aurora.

And Ornella, who is not only our chef, but also my godmother, has always always liked the fact that there is an Aurora in the thorny scrub "La Rogaia", ie a "Bella Addormentata" (Italian for Sleeping Beauty).

When I was little, she always called me "Aurorina, Patatina, ti sei addormentata?" ("Little Aurora, little potato, did you fall asleep?")

Sleeping has always been my passion, but of course not for 100 years!

And I don't want to wait that long until Italy and La Rogaia will be kissed to life.

I don't really want anything for my birthday.

But I would hope that La Rogaia and Italy will be kissed to life soon!

Lots of love from Aurora

"La Bella Addormentata"

Video by Amira Sandt

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