Recommended Restaurants at Lake Trasimeno

Feasting at Lake Trasimeno

Rosso di Sera, San Feliciano, Magione

Restaurant "Rosso di Sera", San Feliciano, Magione. Foto:
Restaurant "Rosso di Sera", San Feliciano, Magione. Foto:

"Rosso di Sera" is probably the best restaurant on Lake Trasimeno. You will be sitting on a veranda overlooking the lake, especially nice in the evening, hence the name of the restaurant "Rosso di Sera" (sunset). The cuisine is creative and yet down to earth, so do not be afraid of "minute portions". Of course there is fresh fish from the lake, but also very tasty meat dishes and great desserts. The ambience is individual and artisty, from time to time there are also concerts or readings and art exhibitions. The prices are very reasonable considering the excellent quality of the food. The restaurant also offers a well-stocked wine cellar for those who are looking for expert advice on the best Umbrian and Tuscan wines.
San Feliciano - Via F.lli Papini 81
Magione (PG)
T 075 8476277

Da Sauro, Isola Maggiore

Ristorante "Da Sauro", Isola Maggiore, Lago Trasimeno (foto:
Ristorante "Da Sauro", Isola Maggiore, Lago Trasimeno (foto:

A little boat trip on Lake Trasimeno is always a good idea. And after a walk on the Isola Maggiore there is a great place for lunch at "Da Sauro". Take a seat in the shady garden, which extends down to the lake. Their specialty is the "Regina in porchetta", baked king carp with a filling of fennel and bacon (!). The other fish specialty of the Trasimeno, the "Tegamaccio" (fish soup), is also highly recommended, as well as the small fish delicacies for starters. The service is friendly, the atmosphere very relaxing. And it might happen that you will miss your ferry just to enjoy one of the delicious desserts. No problem, there will be another ferry and you are on holidays and have all the time to enjoy! After a romantic dinner, however, you will need to be picked up by the boat taxi, because the last ferry will have left already before sunset... 
Da Sauro Ristorante
Via Guglielmi 1
Isola maggiore sul Lago Trasimeno (PG)

tel. 075 826168
fax +39 075 826727

Del Pescatore, Passignano sul Trasimeno

Ristorante "Del Pescatore", Passignano sul Trasimeno. Foto:
Ristorante "Del Pescatore", Passignano sul Trasimeno. Foto:

In the center of Passignano sul Trasimeno you can have a superb meal at "Del Pescatore" under a vine-coverd pergola or you can sit cozily indoors in the rustic restaurant. The "Del Pescatore" has long been the "first choice on the block" in Passignano, not because it is particularly posh or expensive, but because it simply offers the best cuisine at very reasonable prices. There is a wide range of fish and meat dishes and also delicious homemade pasta. Reservation is recommended, especially if you want to sit at one of the few tables under the pergola. Closed on Tuesdays.
Del Pescatore
Via San Bernardino 5
06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno
Tel. +39 0758296063 Fax. +39 075829201

L'Antica Molinella, Passignano sul Trasimeno

Ristorante "L'antica Molinella", Passignano sul Trasimeno. Foto:
Ristorante "L'antica Molinella", Passignano sul Trasimeno. Foto:

Located just outside of Passignano, a little off the coastal road in the direction to Perugia, you can find the restaurant "L'Antica Molinella". They serve really good home cooking, freshly made pasta and many genuine Umbrian specialties. In summer you can sit in the garden, otherwise inside in the dining room. The "L'Antica Molinella" is a family business, the service is extremely courteous and friendly. Even the tourist menus (from EUR 15) are to be recommended, because it is not "mass catering".
L'ANTICA MOLINELLA - Via S. Donato, 2 - 06065 - Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG)
Tel.: +39 075 827950 - Cell.: +39 335 5281337 - Email:

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