Photo exhibition “SENSATIONAL UMBRIA” by world famous photographer Steve McCurry

One more reason to visit Umbria this year

Man walks into a cathedral in Orvieto: Photo: Steve McCurry
Man walks into a cathedral in Orvieto: Photo: Steve McCurry

From March 29th to October 5th 2014 in Perugia, in the exhibition spaces of the ex “Fatebenefratelli” and in the Museum of “Palazzo della Penna”, will be held the exhibition: Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry.

100 shots by the famous US photographer will be featured.

The exhibition illustrates the artist's journey through Umbria in different occasions, highlighting the charm that the land and the people who live there had on him. “A land rich in time” is the motto adopted by the Umbria region in recent years to describe its area. Steve McCurry’s expertise manages to materialize this idea in his pictures. The idea of a land and of a people, impregnated of fascinations and echoes of a thousand-year past, made of sound and strong values, that constitute their identity.

McCurry decided to set the exhibition up himself and he will also curate his catalogue enriching the regional project “Sensational Umbria” with some shots of Umbria taken from his personal archive. This choice adds unpublished photos to an already impressive work, hence increasing the value of the exhibition project and of the catalogue.

Todi – View of the Temple of San Fortunato. Photo Steve McCurry
View of the Temple of San Fortunato. Photo Steve McCurry

This is the story of a journey in Umbria, described through the sensitivity of the artist and through his ability to catch the experiences of an everyday life deeply rooted in history and traditions, but at the same time projected towards the future and already immersed in it. The show represents an original photographic travel guide to which correspond specific touristic tours which will give the chance to retrace the journey made by the artist during the production of his work, but also, and primarily, it can raise interest and emotions to dig out the fascination of discovering.

What better means than photographs to describe a land and the journey through it. At all latitudes Steve McCurry’s name is strictly connected with the word “photography”. His work has almost become a storytelling of our contemporary society, beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. Therefore in Steve McCurry’s storytelling a piece is added, made of faces, atmospheres and places he was able to illustrate during his journey in Umbria.


Assisi. Photo: Steve McCurry
Assisi. Photo: Steve McCurry


Steve McCurry

PERUGIA, Ex “Fatebenefratelli” and “Palazzo della Penna”

From 29 March to 5 October 2014

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Steve McCurry, photographer
Steve McCurry, photographer

Steve McCurry

Who does not know Steve McCurry's award winning picture of the Afghan girl with the deep green eyes who became a symbol for the sufferings and hope of the Afghan people. His photos – whether of people or of landscapes - are of an intensity that no one can escape.

More photographs by Steve McCurry at

Text: Annette Greifenhagen und Spaini & Partners (Presseagentur)


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