Paolo Conte live at Umbria Jazz 2015

Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis!

Paolo Conte is on stage since the 1950ies and for generations of Italians (and non-Italians) he is the epitome of Italian Chansons. His music is jazzy, sometimes southern hot and fast, sometimes melancholical, and always moving.

Paolo Conte certainly is "to blame" for our love for Italy, at least in part. "Azzurro", "Vieni via con me" or "Gelato al limon" were always an expression for our desire to move to the South. And "La Fisarmonica di Stradella" has accompanied us on many trips in the car between Bavaria and Umbria, crossing the Pianura Padana ...

And now we could hear him live, close to our "new" home. Here is an excerpt from the concert on last Friday, July 10, 2015:

Paolo Conte: "Ratafià", Umbria Jazz 10.7.2015

And two more samples, but this time not from the concert on last Friday, but from previous concerts:


Paolo Conte: "Vieni via con me" live 2007

Paolo Conte is accompanied by virtuoso musicians - one of the highlights of his concerts are the solos of his musicians, here especially clarinet, accordion and violin.

Paolo Conte und Band: "Diavolo Rosso", live 2014

A few lines from the lyrics of "Diavolo Rosso":

Girano le lucciole
nei cerchi della notte…
questo buio sa di fieno e di lontano
e la canzone forse sa di ratafià…

Fireflies are rolling
In the circles of the night...
this darkness tastes of hay and wanderlust
and the song maybe tastes like walnut liqueur

The Umbria Jazz Festival

Umbria Jazz festival. Photo: Steve McCurry
Umbria Jazz festival. Photo: Steve McCurry

The Umbria Jazz festival takes place every year in the 2nd week of July. It was set up in 1973 and is now one of the most important jazz festivals in Europe.
During this week Perugia is the absolute favorite meeting place for thousands of jazz fans from around the world. All over the city you can visit concerts and most of them are free.
Concerts with the big stars take place in the Arena Santa Giuliana, a sports stadium right in the old city. All the big names in Jazz and Pop have played there: Santana, Sting, Prince, Mark Khnopfler, Wynton Marsalis, Chick Corea, Al Jarreau and many more ...

Of course there is also a typical New Orleans Marching Band, playing in the picturesque streets of Perugia.
And if you're still awake late at night, you can round off the day with a glass of wine and live music in one of the many bars and hotel lounges.

La Rogaia is actually an ideal base to visit the Umbria Jazz Festival: It is not far from Perugia, where the heart of Jazz beats. But at the same time you do not have to renounce to the peace and quietness of a country abode. Many of our guests appreciate this particularly after long festival nights.

In addition, we give you many valuable tips for planning your visit to the festival and on request we are happy to help you with ticket reservations.

So, we hope to see you for the Umbria Jazz Festival in July 2016 ... Save the date!

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