Humor is when you laugh anyway

The "other side" of the idyll

We are still doing well. We try to keep the "idyll" as good as possible.

But I also want to show you the other side.

Today we have a little fashion show: these outfits are the latest craze in the contaminated fashion world.

This is mom when she leaves La Rogaia.

Looks totally stupid and we had to laugh so much!

Since there are no special protective masks and the normal masks (even if they still existed) are of no use anyway. So she uses several layers of a very thick and washable cotton fabric for her face. This is not perfect and that's why my sister Amira is already sewing washable fabric masks made of synthetic leather.

Masking required !


Mama also had this "fashionable" model on offer, but then my sister and I said: "Absolute no-go".

After all, you still have to make "bella figura" in Italy.

And after such an appearance we would never have dared to venture into the village again!


Thank you Mama

The whole thing is a bit exaggerated in my opinion, but well meant by my mom, because even in our "Arcadia" not everything is perfect ...

Mom only makes a fashion clown out of herself because I suffer from an immune disease since birth.
Therefore, I belong to the "risk group".

All the clothes that she was wearing "outside" are washed and she takes a shower before returning to our living area.

In order that she doesn't carry anything into the house that I could get sick from, all food must first "end up in the bin". All has to stay there for three days before being allowed inside. Then the last germ on surfaces should be dead ...

Thank you Mama!

Many people, including young people and children, have immune deficiencies and are therefore at greater risk of becoming seriously ill.

And unfortunately they don't all live as isolated as I do on a hill in the Umbrian "pampa" ...

So stay healthy, stay at home, you do it for people like me!

Greetings from Aurora (18 years old)

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