How to become a Tango god or Tango goddess

Only a small step

Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova
Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova

If you feel self-confident and have an upright posture, you already have one of the most important prerequisites for dancing  tango.

From there it is only a small step to become a tango god or tango goddess

Filippo Avignonesi and Anna Yegorova will help you like no one else to gain the right inner attitude and self-confidence. They will take you to a hitherto unexperienced level and bring to light the tango god or tango goddess slumbering inside of you.

From April 27 to May 4, 2019, Filippo and Anna   will be teaching a weeklong course at Villa La Rogaia.

And we guarantee you one thing:
In their tango course, the two will leave no stone unturned to show you with wit, dancing skills and acting talent, how you can take your place in the Tango Olympus.

Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova

Filippo Avignonesi has been teaching in Italy, France, the USA, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, England, Russia and Ukraine for 20 years.

In Buenos Aires, Filippo Avignonesi learned from well over 100 different teachers, and developed his own teaching concept, which has made him a highly sought after teacher around the world.

He has collaborated with   renowned dancers such as Alejandra Mantiñan, Alejandra Gutty, Emilia Cerutti, Eliana Sanchez, Francesca del Buono, Valencia Batiuk, Yulia Yukhina, Candela Ramos and others.

You too will be impressed by his didactic skills, his humor and his zest for life.

For his course at La Rogaia 2019 Filippo will return with the Russian tango dancer Anna Yegorova as his dance partner.

Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova

Anna Yegorova from Moscow has been dancing and making music since childhood. She studied ballroom dancing and dance theater as well as piano and voice.

Her first encounter with the tango took place in Paris, on the quays of the Seine. From then on, Anna took lessons from various maestros in Moscow and Buenos Aires (Moira Castellano & Gaston Torelli, Cecila Capello & Diego Amorin, Ismael Ludman & Maria Mondino, Gianpiero Galdi, Mila Vigdorova and Filippo Avignonesi). She dedicated herself to different dance styles to choose from a wide range of techniques and make the most of every dance.

Anna   shows you how women can dance even more seductively and play with women's roles - and how you manage to make almost any dance partner look good.

Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova

In their class, Filippo and Anna will first go into the basics of tango dance.

Together they will explore the role of men and women in tango. The relationship between women and men is meant be a game, through which a deeper understanding of each other arises.

As a result, many technical difficulties in dancing almost resolve themselves.

In addition, you will learn to take yourselves and the dance a little less seriously.

This makes dancing easier, and hence you will have much more fun.

Topics of the course:

  • The appropriate attitude for Tango gods
  • Musicality
  • Dancing alternating between melody and rhythm
  • Dancing with excitement and expression
  • Dancing in a small space
  • Understanding the structure of tango to be able to improvise freely

    By the way: Filippo is fluent in Italian, English, German, Spanish and Russian.
    Anna teaches in English and Russian.

HERE you can find more information about the Tango week with Filippo Avignonesi und Anna Yegorova at Villa La Rogaia

Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova in Perugia 2016, Vals und Tango

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