Tango Holidays in Italy - Your benefits at a glance

Dolce Vita at Villa La Rogaia. Foto: A. Sallat
Dolce Vita at Villa La Rogaia. Foto: A. Sallat
  • Learn Tango Argentino, without everyday life getting in the way!

  • Tango Course on holiday - Finally enough time to relax and to improve your tango knowledge significantly or to make your first tango steps without distractions!

  • Tango Argentino and Italian Dolce Vita, in a relaxed, familiar atmosphere with delicious Italian food!

  • Tango workshops with internationally renowned Tango teachers who really help you and make sure that you cut a good figure on every dance floor!

  • Fulfill your dream of a dance journey to a heavenly patch of earth!

No matter whether you are already an accomplished dancer or whether you are looking for a tango beginners workshop, at Villa La Rogaia you will find a workshop which is right for your dance level.

Choose your Tango vacation with Tango Argentino classes and Italian Dolce Vita? Come to La Rogaia and learn how to dance under the stars on our terrace overlooking the rolling hills of Umbria. An extraordinary experience you will never forget!

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We help you to choose the right class!

Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen
Wolfgang Sandt & Annette Greifenhagen

Each year we light a firework of sparkling courses, with new and well tried top class teachers from all over the world. Celebrate with us! You'll definitely find the right course for you here!

Contact us for more information in order to find out which teachers meet best your particular needs. We know most of our teachers personally and for many years. We know there styles and teaching methods and will give you our advice accordingly. In order to find out which class is best for you please also read the description of levels.

Indivudual attention

Milonga in the Palazzo Duca della Corgna at Città della Pieve
Milonga in the Palazzo Duca della Corgna at Città della Pieve


  • Intensive learning: You will profit from individual teaching. Our classes are limited to 9 participating couples. There is enough space to practice and of course dancing every night.
  • Our dance instructors work on your body language, to enhance the quality of movement and your feeling of balance and grace. Classes will be held for approximately three hours per day (15 hours on 5 days ), allowing for plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings of the villa and to go for trips to the nearby lake or towns.
  • And if your feet or your back hurt: we offer wellness massages and beauty treatment.
  • There will be a dancing at Villa La Rogaia every night or we will visit Milongas in the vicinity where new faces are always welcome.
Relaxation and fun
Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova Perugia 2016
Filippo Avignonesi & Anna Yegorova at Perugia 2016
  • Come to Italy for a combination of  Dance, Arts, Culture, Food, Wine and more...
  • Spend a relaxing week at Villa La Rogaia, an old country house with a large garden. It is situated in the hills above Lake Trasimeno between Rome and Florence. Participants stay in individually crafted double or single rooms (shared bathroom for two bedrooms) or in holiday apartments for two persons with private facilities.
  • Get inspired by Italy's wealth of culture and history: visit historical towns like Arezzo, Assisi, Perugia and many others.

Tango lessons at La Rogaia. The things we value

Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi: Foto: L. Milleri
Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi: Foto: L. Milleri

A few of the students who participated at our tango lessons at La Rogaia, some of them making their first tango steps here, became tango teachers, running their own tangoschools.

A few of them even became professional dancers, dancing in tango shows. We admit gladly, that we´re happy and even a little proud about this.

But we know well that most of the participants of our tango lessons do not intend to make a living as tango dancers performing on stage every evening. Most of you simply want to have fun dancing tango as a nice hobby (Okay, maybe a little more than a hobby:-).


Michael Lavocah & Siobhan Richards at La Rogaia 2013
Michael Lavocah & Siobhan Richards at La Rogaia 2013
Working on the basics

Therefore we place particular value on offering courses where you learn everything you need to move beautifully, relaxed and safe on the dance floor together with all the other dancers.

This applies specially for the classes for beginners, improvers and the classes to refresh the basics of the dance.

But also at the intermediate classes we place value on choosing tango teachers who don´t bombard you with tons of figures and sequences of steps, you will never have a chance to dance in the reality of a busy dance floor, and will therefore forget as fast as you have learnt them.
Instead we try to offer you tango teachers who place value on the basics of dancing tango, the quality of the movement, musicality and safe dancing in the round of all the dancers on the dance floor – and who have the ability to impart this to you.

At the classes for advanced dancers we assume that participants are able to master all this (though experience shows that it is always good to refresh the basics). Therefore the advanced and master classes focus much stronger on extending the participants' repertoire beyond what you need normally on the dance floor. This might be help for choreographies as well as giving valuable impulses and suggestions for tango teachers who want to improve their own teaching.


Time and personal care
Lola Diaz & Fabian Salas
Lola Diaz & Fabian Salas

Last but not least we try to invite teachers who are enjoying to stay in touch with you even when there are no classes.

A tango workshop, beyond learning steps, always is a personal encounter with the tango teacher you have chosen. You will learn or consolidate many things outside the classes at the “practicas” or simply chatting with your tango teacher at the dinner table.

Many questions will come to your mind only after the class has finished. Often the answers to these questions are to be found between the lines. Sometimes a little hint is sufficient to understand.

Queries for a better understanding, practical corrections of the things you have learned or questions about the personal careers of your tango teachers can help you to develop your own style.

It is a big advantage if the tango teacher is available for these questions and is willing and enjoying to talk with you.

In the relaxing atmosphere of an intensive tango week, which means relaxing for participants and teachers, this is very likely to happen.

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